A friendly walking club

August 30, 2013

We aim to offer a selection of outings to suit most tastes, including:

  • varied walks of , say, 6 to 16 miles, mostly on good tracks and paths, some flat, some hilly, mostly within an hour or two from Dunbar
  • hillwalking days up more serious hills often further afield
  • longer outings lasting two or more days.

Walk Leaders.  This is an informal club and operate as a group of friends, each taking responsibility for their own safety.  Members have varying experience and may offer guidance  but you  make the decision whether to accept, or rely on, this.
Please remember when putting your name down to join an outing that you are responsible for your own well-being.

Transport.  Depending on numbers, we try to fill a few cars and passengers are asked to recompense drivers for petrol costs.   Sometimes public transport can be convenient.

Dogs.  Reluctantly, dogs are not allowed on our outings.   Part of the attraction of walking is to enjoy wildlife and even well behaved dogs can upset both farm animals and wildlife.    There is no reason why dog owners within the club should not arrange separate dog-walking outings to suitable venues.

About the site:
The pages on the right of the screen allow you to navigate around.

  • The current year’s outings are the top of the list.  Click there to view a list of outings, then on any outing for details of the walk.  To join a walk just add a comment to the walk page.
  • Previous years’ outings can be viewed, divided into normal walks and hill walks.
  • Want to join – you are very welcome.
  • The members’ noticeboard is intended for any member to use, for example, to try to find others to join in an extra walk.
  • The discussion page is intended to allow suggestions about how the club is run, or the choice of walks etc to be aired.







.(Paging down will show you a series of old ‘News’ items from pre-2013.  Feel free to look, but no further news items will be added.)


Plans for 2013

November 27, 2012

I’ve been finding it difficult to come up with an exciting programme for next year. My problem has been how many walks we have cancelled this year due to bad weather, or the amount of mud encountered when we did actually get out.  The numbers of walkers also declined this year, perhaps due to the weather, or perhaps because I’ve produced the wrong programme.  So I have published some bare bones for a start – I still need to create a page for each outing (these will follow) – and I look forward to any comments you may have.

One thing I’m trying is to offer fewer walks, in the hope that more walkers will attend each one.  I’d like to think there may still be a demand for more outings in the summer, perhaps short evening walks, or other more local full day ones, but await requests before planning those.

Also, I’d like to re-try the “Slow Munro” – for those who would secretly like to climb at least one munro but don’t want to hold anyone back – we’d go at a speed that everyone would be comfortable with.

Regular hill walks for the energetic have worked well for a smaller number of walkers – we usually get one car load (which is ideal).  So I’m proposing to continue with the “Munro a Month” idea.  I’ve just specified weekend and we can select Saturday or Sunday depending on the weather, and decide where to go at the time.  Also a few mid week ones.

Weekends away have proved popular in the past (although again very poorly attended this year).  Our outing to Mull in 2011 went well until the storm sent us home early, so I’m suggesting we return in September 2013 to finish what we started.  The hotel was exceptionally kind to us, so I’d like to return to the Argyll Arms, Bunessan (if they will have us).   If this is of interest to you, please let me know early in the new year.  We booked the whole hotel last time so to repeat it we need to book early before anyone else beats us to it.

Also this coming summer, I believe there are a few people who may want to undertake a multi-day trek.  I’ve left a gap in July for this and wonder if anyone would be willing to walk one of the following trails with me:

  • the East Highland Way – Fort William to Aviemore – 134 km
  • the Cateran Trail – circular in Perthshire and Angus – 104 km.
  • the Rob Roy Trail – Drymen to Pitlochry – 128km or 155 km

Any of these could be shortened by missing a section or two.  They can all involve camping or B&B.  Read about them on this link.

Thank you for reading this far (if you have).  As always I’d welcome any suggestions.


Christmas is coming!!!!

November 8, 2012

I need numbers of those intending to join our Christmas walk/meal.  It may seem a long time ahead, but if we want to book we can’t leave it much longer.  Please let me know soon.

I’m suggesting the New Inn, Coldingham this year (see link here).  So if interested in joining us, please let me know by adding your name on the web-page (click here), or just contact me.


Some updates….

July 7, 2012

a)  The walk from Traquair which was scheduled for Sunday 8th July has been postponed due to a poor weather outlook.  There is significant flooding in the area today and the outlook for tomorrow is not good.  Instead we are having a walk in the morning around Hopes Reservoir, leaving Dunbar at 8.30.  If interested (I know it is short notice) please let me know ASAP.

b)  I hope to reschedule the postponed walk when the weather improves (??).  In good weather this can be a delightful walk – wildlife, flowers, views, lochside section, great pub at the end.  If interested in joining in sometime, please let me know, and when would suit you.  With luck we can find a date when a large turnout will enjoy this outing.

c)  I’ve added two sponsored walk events to the program which may interest you.

d)  Also updates a short report on our recent visit to Loch Duich – try this link.

e)  And finally, may I remind you of the “Members’ Notice Board” on the website.  This is intended to be the place where you can put up suggestions, or ask if any others would like to join you in an event, or otherwise contact the DRAM members about anything.


Next few outings.

June 16, 2012

Having been away for a week in Skye (read about it here) I’ve been looking at the next few outings and hope to attract some of you to join in.  If these walks do not appeal to you, please let me know and we can either replace them or add extras in.

22-24 June – Ratagan by Loch Duich.  This was intended to be a big summer weekend outing along the lines of our previous weekends in Arran, Braemar and Mull.  Unfortunately only three have signed up for this one – it may not be too late to book a place in the hostel, or the adjacent Kintail Lodge Hotel.  Let me know if interested.

 8 July – Traquair to St Mary’s Loch.  One of my favourite walks through the Border countryside, and finishing in Tibbie Shiels Inn.  Don’t delay … add your name today.

 15 July – a strenuous hill walk for the energetic.  Venue to be decided by participants.

 22 July – a “Slow Munro”.  This is an experiment which I hope will attract some takers.  It is aimed at those who hanker after climbing a Scottish hill but fear it may be too hard.  We’ll be going at a really gentle pace that won’t hurt at all and given decent weather it could be a special day.


Next couple of walks

May 30, 2012

Undaunted by the TGO weather problems, I am away backpacking in Skye next week with a couple of old friends.  Unfortunately this means I will miss the walk to the Cheviot.  So we need a volunteer to co-ordinate this outing on Sunday 10th – any takers?

The following outing was intended to be a large group going to Ratagan YH for a weekend walking this magificent area.  Unfortunately there are just three of us going – possibly not too late to join in.


Back with tail between legs

May 16, 2012

Pam, Jenny and I are home too soon.  Our TGO Challenge attempt was blown off course – read about it here.